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IMPROVED Squire 7¼-HP Riding Tractor

•   Big . . . More Powerful Than Ever 7¼-HP, 4-cycle Air Cooled Briggs & Stratton Engine

•  Built-In Electric Starter and Generator fox Faster, Easier Starts and Long  Battery Life

•  Full Automotive Type Transmission . . . 3 Speeds Forward, 1 to 6 MPH, Plus Reverse

J.  A Jack of All Trades and  Master of Every One of Them!  The New Squire with increased horsepower has the ability to make weekend hours really count. Does the work faster and has the ground hugging stability that lets you use full power on all jobs . . . at home, in the field or on the finest lawns. Ideal for truck gardens, golf courses, motels, airports, schools, etc.

Front Wheel Steering.  Steers like a car - 3 to 1 ratio gives maneuverability, yet retains the feel of holding true on course. Top speed 6 mph, 2nd 3-3/4 mph, low is 2 mph. Oil-lubricated transmission, anti-friction ball and roller bearings on hardened shafts for smooth operation.

Comfortable Operation - engine blows heat forward, away from driver. Wide seat Is padded with foam rubber. Single pedal clutch and brake control.  All controls including choke, are within easy reach.  Exclusive gear locking transmission for use when tilling or operating on uneven ground -- holds tractor In gear and utilizes compression of engine as brake.

Electric Starter and Generator. Battery included. Gives fast starts by pressing button on dashboard. Provides power for lights sold. at right too . . . Easy-Lift attachment raises heavy implements on both front and rear mounts with little effort.  

Strong inverted channel steel frame. 2-ply diamond tread pneumatic tires on wide rims. 6.00x12 at rear, 4.00x8 at front.  Red enamel finish.  Shipped from Stock by Freight or Truck. 
89 FB 1200 R - Ship. wt. 585 lbs.. Cash $610.00

Same 7¼HP Squire with Rope Starter. Ship. from Fact. near Milwaukee. Allow 15 days, transit time. 
89FB 1201 F - Ship. wt. 530 lbs. $28 Mo. Cash $560.00

K.  42-In. Rotary Mower. Cuts up to 2 Acres Per Hour - takes a wide 42-in. swath. Three blades create suction -- lift up grass and hold it for even cut. Works well an tall weeds. Large protected opening minimizes. clogging. Free floating feature gives a velvety cut without scalping. Cuts within 5/8 in. of fences, etc. Adjustable cutting level. Must be used with Power Take-Off Unit on Page 70.
89FB 1268 R - Ship. wt. 138 lbs.....Cash  $124.50

Electric Starter, Generator. For (89 FB 1201F) above. Ignition key. Battery incl. Ship. like 89 FB 1201F.
89 FB 1258 F- $5 Mo. Wt. 59 lbs Cash $75.00

Electric Light Kit. Two 12-V sealed beam lights. 1 front, 1 rear. Instructions included.
89 FB 1259  - Ship. -wt. 5 lbs . . .  Kit $15.00

Controlled Traction Differential gives power to both rear wheels, even when one is an slippery ground. Electric Starter, Generator (battery included). Makes starting even easier. Removable ignition key. Choke control. Easy Lift Lever does away with heavy tool lifting. Changing implements is now easier and faster than ever. Efficient Power Flow gives full power to all implements whether in the front, center or back of the Squire.


[Source:  1962 Montgomery Ward & Company catalog, courtesy of Steve Johnson]




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