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Homesteader 8 Adapters

1600379_2.jpg (18973 bytes)

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1600379.jpg (35362 bytes)

1600379 - rear hitch adapter

Used with: 1600361 engine driven vacuum collector
               1600343 rotary tiller 30"
To install on Tractors: 1600119 Homesteader 8
                                1600264 Homesteader 8 prior to S/N 26402812

This hitch adapter replaces the factory installed drawbar assembly. Just four bolts are required to attach the hitch to the final drive housing. 

1600380_2.jpg (13219 bytes)

1600380.jpg (33690 bytes)

1600380 - rear hitch adapter

Used with: 1600130 and 1600289 vacuum collectors 
                1600136 and 1600295 rotary tillers 
                1600137 revitalizer 
To install on Tractors: 1600264 Homesteader 8 (S/N 26402813 and up)

Remove the factory installed drawbar and install the welded hitch adapter and these rear mounted attachments are ready for hook-up.

1600322_2.jpg (4451 bytes)

1600322.jpg (46940 bytes)

1600322 - lift kit adapter

Used with: 1600286 Snow Thrower
            1600293 Front mounted snow blade

To install on Tractor: 1600119 Homesteader 8

This lift rod replaces the rod shipped with the attachment.  It is required because of the change in lifting and lowering direction to meet government standards. 

1600323_2.jpg (6191 bytes)

1600323.jpg (37624 bytes)

1600323 - lift kit adapter

Used with: 1600295 Rotary Tiller

To install on Tractor: 1600119 Homesteader 8

This adapter replaces the conventional lift and is required because of the standardized lift system introduced in the 1973 model year.

1600325_2.jpg (4870 bytes)

1600325.jpg (38013 bytes)
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1600325 - lift kit adapter

Used with: 1600136 Rotary Tiller 
               1600137 Revitalizer 
               1600007 Snow Blade 
               1600104 Snow Thrower 

To install on Tractors: 1600119 Homesteader 8 S/N 11900000 to 11902722

Government standardization required the redesigning of the lift rod for these particular Homesteader attachments. The rod is longer with slightly different shape. It replaces the unit shipped with the attachment. 

Source:  AC dealer information sheet, tractors and attachments usage guide, ADPT-2 and ADPT-3, date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen




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